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Autistic Spectrum Condition

SwimPix cards are ideal for those on the autistic spectrum.

As many of you will be aware, each person with autism has their own traits which change as they develop and learn different behaviours. As teachers we need to be adaptable and be able to meet the needs of each individual swimmer. Consider the type of behaviour and look further to see what is happening underneath that is causing that behaviour.

One piece of advice is to let the swimmer take control of a situation; giving agreed control can reduce anxiety and enhance the learning whilst ensuring the situation is safe.

Why use SwimPix with swimmers with ASC

• Simple illustrations to help with communication, reducing anxiety
• Non-gender images to avoid confusion
• Short captions to enhance the illustrations
• Instructional cards to promote good behaviour
• Easy storyboard creation to suit individuals
• Simplified communication with non-verbal learners 

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