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Hearing difficulties & English as a second language

High noise levels in swimming pools and poor acoustics can make verbal communication difficult for all learners.

Whether you have hearing difficulties or English as a second language, SwimPix cards can help explain the skill you are wanting to teach and easy to use in and out of the pool. Our Instruction Set would be really useful especially in an emergency where you could use the “Red” card to leave the pool. There are also cards such as “Stay up and hold the side”. Using SwimPix there are lots of ways to adapt the swimming pool environment to make communication easier.

Why use SwimPix with swimmers with hearing difficulties

  • There are 100 different SwimPix illustrations to support learning to swim
  • Captions are short, clear and concise
  • Visual cues - clear and concise to avoid confusion
  • Simply worded captions supporting the learning of English
  • SwimPix can be transferred into different languages upon request

Deaf Friendly Swimming Toolkit