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SwimPix Minis


Who are these for?

  • Swimming Teachers
  • Sports Teachers
  • School Teachers
  • Trainee Teachers
  • Parents
  • Special Educational Needs Teachers

Communication Minis 

Launched in March 2024, they feature the same familiar and user friendly SwimPix images covering Communication Skills. Communication minis are ideal for all sports and learners including swimming. They are especially helpful with those with learning difficulties, hearing impairments, non verbal or where English is not their first language. SwimPix minis are ideal when discreet communication is needed. The new LWS Minis are economical and compact, with SwimPix images on both sides of each card. Packs are supplied in a lightweight mesh bag. 

SwimPix minis are printed on new waterproof and tearproof card and now include a double sided index card for quick reference. Each set has a lanyard with a safety break and opening clip for easy card choice. Ideal for teachers who are teaching one-to-one lessons and for parents to use when they go swimming or to prepare their child for swimming lessons, helping bridge the gap between home and the pool. 

 Watch our SwimPix Mini webinar for some ideas on how to use them effectively