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New “Grab & Go” Teacher Set

 This new set is unique amongst our range of products and is designed to be easily transportable in a swim bag.

 It is perfect for swimming teachers working in a variety of venues and settings to create faster learning and effective communication. 

 What’s in the set?

1 double sided Index card so you can view what is in the pack

24 SwimPix cards printed back to back (a new feature) giving 48 SwimPix images

The Teacher Set comes with 2 waterproof sleeves so you can separate the SwimPix you are using in one and store the remaining SwimPix in the other.

The set has been designed to support the Core Aquatic Skills that are so important for learning to swim at the beginner stages, developing into the 4 Competitive Strokes and those difficult skills to demonstrate at the higher stages for example -  surface dives and handstands.

How can we use SwimPix?

SwimPix can be used in so many different ways, in the water, on floats, used as a StoryBoard or to create circuits set up on poolside. 

SwimPix is a tactile resource - learners love touching them and using them as part of their learning.

How to buy

Our Teacher set  is £45 and available from aswim uk shop here on our website.  If you buy our Teacher Set PLUS the Communication Set there is a special bundle price of £65, (please be sure to choose the bundle on the website shop).

BUY Teacher Set  £45  

BUY Teacher Set and Communication Set BUNDLE £65

 Enjoy using SwimPix as part of your planning and delivery and seeing  the positive effect this has on your teaching and learning. 

Who to contact

We are always here to support so please feel free to contact me Alison Bell on my email:    For sales contact John: