Creating practical and engaging
visual resources for
swimming teachers and tutors


I  purchased SwimPix for use when delivering Swimming Teacher Training and when working with swimmers. They have proved to be invaluable in terms of addressing communication needs and making swim sessions more engaging. They are the ideal toolkit for teaching swimming. To date I have used them on a range of CPD courses Training courses that I have developed (Swim England and Independent).

SwimPix are easy to use for swimmers and teachers

They are clear and succinct and support other teaching and communication methods.

I like the fact that they are linked to the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme.

SwimPix are unique, there is nothing else like this on the market.

Claire Wilson -  Director of Seeds for Success CIC


The cards have been welcomed by all and work well.

It’s great they are in a sealable box. 

There are obviously some cards that are used constantly and they appear to be robust enough for the job. 

The children have enjoyed using them and as teachers we have found them a useful asset.

I have showed them now on several CPDs and they have met with a lot of interest so hopefully that will lead to some more children getting better lessons from the use of this resource.

Karen Fenton - Swim England educator, swimming teacher for schools Suffolk, learning disability nurse for 18 years


We have used the cards with our accompanying teachers who support children with additional needs - it helps them to follow a lesson structure and also gives pointers as to technique.

Shelly Whitehead - HALF fish HQ


“SwimPix are a fantastic visual aid for everyone involved in swimming lessons.  Whether you’re a tutor, trainee teacher, experienced teacher, pupil or parent – these simple cards get everyone more engaged with the learning experience.”

Geoff Wade – Aquatics Manager and Swim England Tutor

SwimPix have had a very positive impact on some of our additional needs and nervous swimmers learning experience and enjoyment during lessons.

The cards have been used in multiple ways including showing swimmers what they need to do and by outlining the session objective as a visual timetable helping both the swimmers and teachers to achieve the objectives of the session. They are very well made and are being used every week during lessons! The cards are brilliant and cover all the stages brilliantly! 

Thank you for taking the time to develop the SwimPix cards they really are a great addition to poolside.

Louise Rousell - Swimming Teacher

 Anonymous feedback from SwimPix trials at Aquability Training
(Swim England approved centre), L1 and L2 teachers and trainees in 2018

Great for visual learning before and after the lesson during debriefing.

SwimPix helped the children to focus and listen right from the start of the lesson.

Good for the introduction on poolside. Helpful for kids with special needs to focus. I enjoyed using the SwimPix storyboards which helped swimmers visualise skills.

Simple images - ideal for younger children, SwimPix helped them understand the lesson. Useful for children with a hearing impairment.

I would use them in future as it meant children knew what to expect from the lesson. Helpful for the younger groups in a noisy pool.

Particularly helpful for those with hearing problems. Useful for demonstrations, especially at higher stages.

They are good for describing hard to demonstrate activities such as “forward roll.”

Great as a prompt to help you remember what your next activity was instead of reading a detailed lesson plan.